The FinTech Awards 2020 provide our knowledge partner / sponsors with unique brand building opportunities among a wide network of leading businesses and individuals from across the financial technology sector.

As a knowledge partner / sponsor, your company will be associated with excellence and innovation, boosting its profile within the industry and positioning your brand as a thought leader in the space.

The knowledge partner / sponsor will present the trophy to winners. It is a great honour for the winners to receive the award from the prestigious industry leader.

To be our knowledge partner / sponsor of FinTech Awards 2020, our extensive marketing and public relations campaign assists us to generate interest in the Awards whilst promoting our knowledge partner / sponsors as the supportive industry players. The public and industry support of the Awards will provide various positive opportunities for knowledge partner / sponsors to be aligned with a wide range of commercial activities.

  • Press
  • Printed material and direct mail
  • Social media
  • Advertisements on outdoor and etc.

Knowledge Partner / Sponsors will find significant opportunities for exposure within:

  • Leading corporations and businesses
  • Industry players and associations
  • General public, through significant mass media exposure

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