FinTech Awards 2020’s Judging Panel consists of professionals of the FinTech and ICT industry, with members come from relevant industry and professional associations, companies, educational institutes, and government bodies. Judges are as below:

Judging Criteria

Head of Judge

Panel of Judges

Legal Advisor

Co-Organiser and FinTech Partner




Strategic Partner

Smart City Consortium

Knowledge Partner



Deloitte. EYKPMG

Supporting Organisations

Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Culture, Creative and Technology AllianceHong Kong Extended Reality AssociationHong Kong Federation of E-CommerceThe Hong Kong General Chamber of Small and Medium BusinessThe Hong Kong Independent Non-Executive Director AssociationHong Kong Institute of MarketingHong Kong Internet & Ecommerce AssociationHong Kong Netrepremeurs AssociationHong Kong Retail Technology Industry Association LtdHong Kong Wireless Technology Industry AssociationInteractive Advertising BureauInvest Hong KongTechnology Incubation NetworkThe Association of Cloud and Mobile Computing Professionals

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