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Over the past years, Hong Kong is emerging as a regional Finance hub for GreenTech and Green Finance. Hong Kong was also Asia's top issuer of green and sustainable debts in 2022. To achieve that, Hong Kong will start by building its green-technology ecosystem and encouraging cross-sector collaboration to commercialise research and development. This will ramp up innovations in green financing, help firms get funds faster and easier, and nurture and attract talent from around the world.

Sustainability is driving value in Hong Kong's green finance landscape, and the pivotal role that the city plays in fostering a more environmentally conscious and economically viable future.

The FinTech Awards 2023 (hereinafter “Award”), organised by ET Net for the 7th consecutive year, aimed at commending the best FinTech practices and recognising outstanding FinTech professionals from Hong Kong-based companies.

Our efforts in achieving excellent business performance and sustainable growth have earned widespread recognition in the market. This award is an acknowledgment of our commitment from the industries to maintain outstanding practices in all aspects of FinTech.

Awards Categories
FinTech of the Year 2023
FinTech Marketing Campaign of the Year 2023
FinTech of the Year 2023 in Start-up
Artificial Intelligence
Big Data
Blockchain Solution
Consumer Payments
Corporate Banking
Corporate Payments
Cybersecurity /
ESG Index Provider
ESG Product
ESG Project
ESG Solution
FX / Payment
GBA Service
Green Finance
MPF Technology
Research Platform
Retail Banking
Retail / Supply Chain
Trading Systems
Virtual Bank
Wealth Investment
and Management
University and College
Appreciation Certificate on
FinTech Awards 2023's Judging Panel consists of professionals of the FinTech and ICT industry, with members come from relevant industry and professional associations, companies, educational institutes, and government bodies. Judges are as below:
Judging Criteria

Judging is based on the following 5 factors:

Innovation and Creativity
Head of Judge
Dr. Winnie Tang, MH, JP
Founder and Honorary President,
Smart City Consortium
Dr. Winnie Tang, MH, JP, is an Honorary Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Hong Kong. She is one of the locally-bred IT entrepreneurs of Hong Kong. In the 1990s, Dr. Tang founded Esri China (Hong Kong) Limited to develop and promote Geographic Information System (GIS) software and solutions. Over the years, Dr. Tang has been actively advocating the use of technology through her services in government and non-government organizations in Hong Kong. In recognition of Dr. Tang's outstanding contributions to society, she was recognised as one the Distinguished Alumni by the Faculty of Science of HKU in 2009 and as one of the Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the year by the Junior Chamber International Hong Kong (JCIHK) in 2006. Dr. Tang also received the Young Achiever of the Year in the Women of Influence Award presented by the American Chamber of Commerce in 2004.
Panel of Judges
Prof. Emil Chan
Founding Chairman,
The Association of Cloud and Mobile Computing Professionals
Ir Eric Chan
Chief Public Mission Officer,
Mr. Vincent Chan, MH
Institute of Big Data Governance
Dr. Toa Charm
Founding Chairman,
Data Literacy Association
Mr. Eddie Cheung
Founder & President,
Hong Kong Technology Advancement Group
Hon Duncan Chiu
HKSAR Legislative Council Member (Technology and Innovation)
Prof. Terence Chong, MH
Associate Professor of Economics,
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Executive Director,
Lau Chor Tak Institute Global Economics and Finance
Dr. Crystal Fok
Head of STP Platform,
Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation
Mr. Francis Fong
Founding and Honorary Chairman,
Hong Kong Association of Interactive Marketing
Mr. Peter Koo
Director of Finance Committee,
GBA 5G Industry Alliance
Mr. Jacky Lam
Chief Executive Officer,
Internet Professional Association
Mr. Keith Li
Hong Kong Wireless Technology Industry Association
Dr. Kenny Siu
Council Member of GBA Carbon Neutrality Association
Prof. Albert So
Practicing Solicitor of High Court of Hong Kong
Founding Partner of AC Lawyers LLP
Chairman of Hong Kong Mediation and Arbitration Centre
Chairman of Wealth Succession Planning Association
Dean of California University (School of Business Law & Technology)
Mr. Vincent So
Hong Kong Retail Technology Industry Association
Mr. Mingles Tsoi
Vice Chairman,
Institute of Financial Technologists of Asia
Dr. Terence Wan
Zhonghui Anda CPA Limited
Mr. Victor Yim
Head of FinTech,
Prof. Yiu, Siu Ming
Department of Computer Science,
The University of Hong Kong
Associate Director,
HKU-SCF FinTech Academy
Legal Advisor
Mr. Valent Tse
Messrs. Tung, Ng, Tse & Lam, Solicitors (“TNTL”)
FinTech of the Year 2023
Hang Seng Bank Limited
FinTech Marketing Campaign of the Year 2023
Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited
FinTech of the Year 2023 in Start-Up
Propcap Technologies Ltd
FinTech Awards 2023 in Artificial Intelligence
AutoML Capital Limited
Outstanding Intelligence (AI) in All-round Asset Management Solution
CGS International Holdings Limited
Outstanding Artificial Intelligence Financial Information Assistant
Dah Sing Bank, Limited
Outstanding Artificial Intelligence - Applied Solution
Finbot Limited
Outstanding Intelligence (AI) Platform in Investment Strategies
FundKernel Limited
Outstanding Intelligence (AI) Platform in Alternative Investments
Ola Protocol Limited
Outstanding Algorithmic Trading Platform
FinTech Awards 2023 in Big Data
BDO Financial Services Limited
Outstanding Big Data Integrated Analytics Tool
FundPark Limited
Outstanding Data Analytics Fintech Platform for Digital SMEs
FinTech Awards 2023 in Consumer Payments Initiative
Coded Tech Limited
Outstanding Blockchain in Payment Solution
FinTech Awards 2023 in Corporate Banking
Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited
Outstanding Innovative SME Banking Services
China Construction Bank (Asia)
Outstanding Corporate Cash Management Solutions in GBA
Hang Seng Bank Limited
Outstanding Commercial Banking Service for Digital Banking Experiences
FinTech Awards 2023 in Corporate Payments Initiative
Outstanding All Rounded Digital Payment Platform
QFPay Haojin FinTech Limited
Outstanding All-round Payment Solution
FinTech Awards 2023 in Cybersecurity / Anti-Fraud
HKT Enterprise Solutions
Outstanding Cybersecurity Solution (Business)
FinTech Awards 2023 in ESG Solution
Carbon Exchange (Hong Kong) Limited
Outstanding ESG Data Management Reporting Solution
HKT Enterprise Solutions
Outstanding ESG Solution
Llewellyn and Partners Company Limited
Outstanding ESG Solution for Smart Cities
WiseSpot Company Limited
Outstanding Eco-Friendly Event Enabling Solution
FinTech Awards 2023 in FX / Payment Solution
Red Dot Technology Limited
Outstanding Crypto Payment Solution
FinTech Awards 2023 in GBA Service
HKT Enterprise Solutions
Outstanding Cross Boundary Solution
FinTech Awards 2023 in Green Finance Development
Coded Solution Limited
Outstanding One Stop Loyalty & Voucher Management Platform
Propcap Technologies Ltd
Outstanding Overseas Property Green Mortgage Match-lending Platform
FinTech Awards 2023 in Insurance
Outstanding Insurance Rating and Comparison Platform
Nanoinsure Technology (Hong Kong) Limited
Outstanding Digital Insurance in Transformative Solutions
Prudential Hong Kong Limited
Outstanding Digital Insurance Services
FinTech Awards 2023 in Lending
FundPark Limited
Outstanding Digital SME Fintech Platform
K Cash Limited
Outstanding Digital Lending Solution
Outstanding Intelligence (AI) Platform in Pawn
WeLend Limited
Outstanding Personal Lending Platform
FinTech Awards 2023 in ProTech
KE Holdings Inc.
Outstanding ProTech in Residential Service Platform
FinTech Awards 2023 in RegTech
Lyods Engineering Limited
Outstanding RegTech Data Analytics Solution
Lyodssoft Limited
Outstanding Regulatory Technology Solution
OKG Technology Holdings Limited
Outstanding RegTech Solution in Digital Assets
FinTech Awards 2023 in Retail Banking
Hang Seng Bank Limited
Outstanding Digital Banking Service
Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited
Outstanding Digital Deposit Solution
The Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited
Outstanding All Rounded Financial Management Banking Services
FinTech Awards 2023 in Retail / Supply Chain Management
Pato Entertainment
Outstanding Online Ticketing Service Platform
Uni-China Group
Outstanding Digital Retail Experience
FinTech Awards 2023 in Trading Systems
Rakuten Securities Bullion Hong Kong Limited
Outstanding Bullion Trading Service
Webull Securities Limited
Outstanding Intelligence Securities Trading Investment Mobile App
FinTech Awards 2023 in Virtual Bank
Mox Bank
Outstanding Virtual Personal Banking Service
Ping An OneConnect Bank (Hong Kong) Limited
Outstanding Virtual SME Banking Services
WeLab Bank
Outstanding Innovative Funds Investment Platform
FinTech Awards 2023 in Wealth Investment and Management
BCT Financial Limited (“BCTF”)
Outstanding All Rounded MPF Management Platform
CGS International Holdings Limited
Outstanding Intelligent Investment Trading Mobile App
China Construction Bank (Asia)
Outstanding GBA Cross Border Financial Services Solutions
Hang Seng Bank Limited
Outstanding Digital Wealth Management Tool
PortfoPlus Limited
Outstanding Intelligent Insurance Agency Management and Analytics Platform
Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited
Outstanding Personal Investment Analysis Service
Webull Securities Limited
Outstanding Intelligence Financial Technology Investment Platform
FinTech Awards 2023 in University and College
PayPilot Group Limited
Appreciation Certificate on ESG
BCT Financial Limited (“BCTF”)
FTLife Insurance Company Limited
Llewellyn and Partners Company Limited
Prudential Hong Kong Limited

⊳ FinTech Awards 2023 Event Highlights

⊳ Message from Co-organiser & FinTech Partner: Hong Kong Cyberport

⊳ Message from Head of Judge: Dr. Winnie Tang, MH, JP

⊳ Grand Award Winner's Interview: Hang Seng Bank Limited

⊳ Winner's Interview: AsiaPay

⊳ Winner's Interview: Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited

⊳ Winner's Interview: BCT Financial Limited (“BCTF”)

⊳ Winner's Interview: CGS International Holdings Limited

⊳ Winner's Interview: Dah Sing Bank, Limited

⊳ Winner's Interview: OKG Technology Holdings Limited

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