ET Net Limited is honored to be the organiser of FinTech Awards 2018, the second consecutive year since its launch in 2017. The theme for the year is “ Building the FinTech Ecosystem “ There will be various award categories for the corporates. For the tertiary students, being rewarded with a Gold, Silver or Bronze award to recognise the achievements. The awards for “FinTech of the Year 2018” and “FinTech Marketing Campaign of the Year 2018” and etc will also be selected from the Awards categories by the Judging Panel.

經濟通承接去年的成功之勢,金融業的夥伴和其他持份者的支持,「2018金融科技大獎」今年載譽歸來,是次金融科技獎將弘揚及表彰在金融科技上主要及活躍的持份者,並以「構建金融科技生態系統」為主題。分為大專學生及企業兩個類別,而在企業類別均分別設有不同獎項,並設有多個年度特別獎項如「2018金融科技大獎」及「2018金融科技市場策劃大獎」等。 有關「2018金融科技大獎」詳情,敬請密切留意etnet網頁的公布。

Awards & Event Enquiries

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FinTech is the driving engine for collaboration and innovation

FinTech (financial technology) has presented leading innovations, so much so that it has birthed a global economic industry currently operating more efficient services than traditional financial providers.

The mission of the FinTech Awards 2017 is to honor excellence and recognize the creativity, hard work and success of FinTech companies, technologies and products.

FinTech Awards 2017 winners receive well-deserved recognition and third-party validation from an independent organization.

Benefits of The Award

  • Earning the coveted FinTech Awards 2017 provides compelling benefits
  • FinTech Awards 2017 logo available to include on all marketing collaterals (i.e. Press Release, Social Media, Product Packaging, Advertising Materials and etc.)
  • Promotion and publicity opportunities in FinTech Awards 2017 Presentation ceremony and the all related pre and post event promotion
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